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Frequently Asked Questions:


We'll start with the most important question:


Q: Why should we hire you?

A: There are many talented photographers out there and choosing the right photographer for your event and portraits can take some extra time in research. I appreciate you looking at my website and getting more information. Here's some more information about me...

I am a very patient and understanding person and photogapher. I wont snap a photograph of you unless you are looking relaxed, ready and comfortable. I don't force awkward poses. I have 2 kids of my own and I used to teach ballet to little girls ages 3-10. I know not to force the camera in children's faces and to make sure the children are cool with me in order to get a great image of them.

On your wedding day, I will not shoot an image when you feel stressed or pressed for time. Sometimes the timeline of the day doesn't go as planned, so some images don't get done until the calm after the wedding ceremony. I always ask for your permission before proceeding with certain images. For example, I will ask the bride and groom if the bride is comfortable with her groom dipping her in his arms and he kisses her, or double checking the time for the bride and groom's sunset images with their reception timeline. This is your wedding day, your memories, the images will have your personality shine.

From the moment that I've been hired by a couple, I have been there for them every step of the way. From their engagement photo session, producing amazing engagement images, designing the perfect save-the-date cards for you, designing the perfect guest sign-in book or photo enlargement for you, being there for you every special moment on your wedding day, to producing even more amazing wedding images, making a image slidehsow for you and your family to cherish for years to come, to custom designing your wedding photo book, designing special thank you cards for your wedding guests, and designing wedding books for your parents. I, as your photographer, am with you through your engagement through your wedding day and beyond, growing to your maternity images, baby photos, family portraits, and to senior portraits.

I thank you again for looking through my website. I look forward to being able to serve you for your special moments.


Q: What is your shooting style?

A: My shooting style is elegant and adaptive. Photographing weddings covers so many different "shooting styles" from journalistic and editorial, fashion and beauty, details shots, and candid portraits to posed portraits. The important thing is that I get it all to narrate your wedding day or portraits. During our visits/meetings together I ask my clients several questions to help me determine their photographic needs for their event. The photographic requests from a bride and groom (or family/senior portraits) help me produce elegant, artistic, beautiful, and narrative images specific to my clients' requests and personality.


Many More Questions:


Q: Do you do destination weddings?

A: YES!! I love to travel!


Q: Do you really stay the whole time at our wedding?

A: Yes, I stay and photograph your wedding day for as long as you'd like me there.


Q: We have props we'd like to include in our images, is that ok?

A: Yes! I love including fun props to make your images more personable to your and your event.


Q: During our engagement shoot, can we change outfits? And can we change locations?

A: Yes, bring a few outfits to change into to add a variety to your images. I love photographing different locations, I like to do at least 2 different locations.


Q: Do we really get all the images?

A: Yes you do! But I do edit out the bad images, who wants those?


Q: I'd like to honor a family member who isn't with us anymore, can you take photos of it?

A: Yes! Just keep me informed of when and where.


Q: Can we text you?

A: Yes, you can call, email or text. I will get back to you as quickly as I can!


Q: How do we ensure us booking with you?

A: If you'd like to reserve my services for your event, I ask that you put down a deposit of at least 10% of your total fees.


Q: When will we get our images?

A: Within 4-6 weeks. I edit all the images, color correct, and change some awesome images to black and white, sepia, or I use Totally Rad Photoshop Actions (RadLab) to help invoke more emotion into your amazing images. I usually upload a preview to your Digiproofs account within the first week after your event. After I am done color correcting your images, I create your image slideshow and upload even more images to your Digiproofs account. I like to keep you updated on the progress of your images, so expect emails or texts to keep you informed.


Q: We love our wedding album, can we order one for our parents as a gift?

A: Yes, of course.


Q: Can you custom design a wedding album for my parents with images they want?

A: Yes


Q: Do you chose the images for our wedding album?

A: Yes. I chose the images for your wedding album to tell the story of your wedding day. If there is an image that is special to you that I haven't included, we can work that in.


Q: I'd like to build my own wedding package. How do I do that?

A: Well, you can pick and chose from the Fun Extras list and we'll go from there with pricing.


Q: I want to order prints, how do I do that?

A: You can order prints for the first 3 months from your even date through your Digiproofs account. All their products are professionally printed through Pro DPI (who recently won an award for their printing excellence).


Q: What equipment do you use?

A: My camera equipment includes: a Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 7D with a 17-40 lens and a 28-105 lens, 2 Canon 580EXII Speedlite flash units and battery packs. My post production software includes Photoshop CS4, Totally Rad Photoshop Actions (RadLab), iMovie, iDVD and Photojunction. My printing agencies are Pro DPI and KISS wedding books. Online viewing is through Digiproofs.


Q: Can we have a 2nd shooter?

A: Yes, my husband is always my second shooter. I usually stay with the ladies and my husband is with the guys. We make a great team.


Q: What is the process of the making of our wedding album?

A: I chose "the best" images for your album. I design your wedding album to narrate your wedding day. When I have completed designing the proofs, I email you the digital proofs with an album change form document that you use to help you organize any image changes you'd like to make. You have 2 free album revisions allowed. Any revisions made after 2 free revisions will result in added fees. Some clients request added design elements to their album to give their album more personality. Once you have approved your wedding album, then I will send your album to print. You have 4 weeks to get your revisions to me.


Q: Do you chose the images for our slideshow?

A: Yes, I chose the images for your slideshow.


Q: What is the process of designing our thank you cards?

A: I chose about 9 images and make 3 different examples for you to pick and chose from. I personalize it with your wedding colors and provide a "thank you" message for your card. Pro DPI offers different paper types to choose from and the thank you cards come in packs of 25 with envelops. The same process is similar to the save-the-date cards.


Q: Do you take credit cards?

A: No. Cash or check only for now. Monthly payment options are available. You must be paid in full by your event date.



Wedding Day Questions:


Q: Do you have scissors, bobbi pins, hairspray, deodorant???

A: Yes!! I was in a dance company in my youth and learned how to pack for event day emergencies. I have a special emergency bag with me in my camera bag, packed with emergency necessities like a Tide pen, bobbi pins, deodorant, clear nail polish for pantyhose runs, sewing kit, lint roller, kleenex and much more.


Q: Do you wear heels when you shoot a wedding?

A: NO!! I want to be as quiet as a mouse, especially during your ceremony! Black rubber–soled shoes for me and my husband.


Q: Can my Aunt or Uncle or friend shoot pictures behind you?

A: I understand family members and friends wanting to get shots of you. As long as I get first dibs and everyone is looking at my camera, I'm ok with it. This is why you hired me for my services, and I want to make sure you get amazing images. It's challenging when there's many cameras behind me and the people in the picture don't know which camera to look at.


Fun Facts About Me:


1. I am a vegetarian, been one for way too many years.

2. I used to dance ballet with Applegate Dance Company in Davis, CA.

3. I love Disneyland and Disney animations.

4. When I'm not busy doing photography, I love being with my family. My children are very important to me.

5. I love going to the beach.

6. I love listening to 80s music.

7. I have 2 cats that I adore.

8. I have thunder and lightning storm anxiety, I am pretty sure it's from watching the movie Poltergeist too much when I was a kid.

9. My husband proposed to me at Disneyland under the arch way of the castle and "When You Wish Upon A Star" played over us. It was the most romantic moment in my life. My best friend and maid-of-honor sang that song for me when I walked down the aisle.

10. My daughter was in a breech position, so I had a C-Section with her. My son was born 6 weeks premature with a natural birth! It was awesome to experience both.

11. Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies, we had a few songs play at our wedding reception.

12. I am a very sensitive and sympathetic and understanding person.

13. I love taco salads.

14. I love blueberries.

15. My husband is a wildland firefighter with US Forest Service, he is truly my hero.

16. I love cinnamon gummy bears.

17. I can make awesome cookies and amazing fudge.